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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter - my thoughts

I've just finished reading Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter by Louise Pentland a.k.a A Sprinkle Of Glitter on Youtube and I wanted to give my thoughts on it.

I first want to say how proud I am of Louise, as a sprinklerino for a good few years I have seen Louise grow as a youtuber and creator and enjoy watching her videos every week with them being the highlight of my day. With her videos and especially her vlogs she does on her second channel A Sprinkle Of Chatter we've had the opportunity to see her and her family grow as she gives us an insight into her life. As Louise has mentioned in blog posts and in videos she was a bit behind on deadlines with this book (but with a young child and a busy career who can blame her) as well as it being her first book it's something special. Just the fact that she's put so much time and effort in to make it something enjoyable for her viewers and Sprinklerinos and written it herself is something to be noted.

Anyway I guess I should give my thoughts on the actual book.
Firstly can we just stop and notice how beautiful this book is, after reading each page I was excited to see what the next one would look like, with each page being unique and having its one little touches with the layout and design alone the book is already incredible.
You can tell that Louise put her heart and soul into this book and each page represents her which I love, you can tell that this book is very much Louise than oppose to the publishers and the people that she worked with and that each page was thought out well and has a stamp of Louise on it.

The book is very well written and I adore the fact that it is like you are having a conversation with Louise herself when reading this book. Each chapter has had a lot of effort and time put in and there isn't a chapter where I thought "that could have more things in" or "that wasn't done very well" each chapter is beautiful written and illustrated.

I think that the book itself has lots of variety and as Louise says in the book you don't have to read it chapter by chapter you can just read certain parts. Which makes it very enjoyable and makes it appeal to a broader audience. Even though most of Louises viewers and target audience for this book is females ages around 12 plus, its not just for females and of you are a fan of Louise it doesn't matter what gender you are you would thoroughly enjoy this book, yes there is make-up and pampering part in the book but I think no matter what gender you are you can enjoy it and make-up and pampering yourself isn't for females. Moving on this book is very advice based, and reading it its just like having a book written for you by an older sister, which to quite a lot of Louises viewers they see her as a big sister. Louise gives excellent advice in this book. I love the fact that she gives advice on a range of topics to moving into your on place (either with a lover or yourself, even just decorating your room) to her pregnancy with Baby Glitter (which her older fans would appreciate, but would also be helpful for younger fans in the future) to bullying which is a massive issue all around the world and something that most people experience.
I love her anti baking chapter and it gives lots of recipes that I want to try and also some that I've never heard of so I can't wait to give them a go. I also think that her craft chapter is fab as I know that she has a high interest in crafts and even though I'm not a 'crafty' person, I still thoroughly enjoyed the chapter and saw some ideas that I would love to try.

Her chapter on love and boys was very humorous, the stories of her dates were on of the highlights of the book for me, I couldn't stop laughing at them!

If you're a fan of Louise or not, or haven't even heard of her (if so check out her youtube account immediately - Sprinkle Of Glitter) then I am sure that you will adore this book as much as I do, it's filled with advice from humours stories to more serious topics like bullying, after reading this book it will feel like you've just had a warm hug from her, with it feeling like you've been given advice from a big sister.
This book is not one to be missed and is one that I will be continually reading over and over again (I was quite sad after reading it and almost didn't want to finish it, with savouring each new and exciting page, but when you start reading it you can't stop. I see myself going back to read one chapter and then not stopping and carrying on reading more and more chapters in one sitting haha)
Louise has done an amazing job on this book and I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us in the future.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Ask me anything!

Hi, just a quick one today, I wanted to let you know that if you need any advice or just want to ask me questions you are more than welcome to! You can leave them in the comments or want to ask them privatly or anonymously then you can ask them on my tumblr- iheartseltay
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Paper Towns - Book Review

I've recently just finished Paper Towns by John Green. The only other John Green book that I have previously read is The Fault In Our Stars, which I read just before the movie came out and instantly fell in love, but it did take me a while to pick up another.

My friend recommended that I read Paper Towns next as that is going to be the next movie made from his books so I did and I loved it, just as I loved The Fault In Our Stars. Even though it wasn't as emotional as The Fault In Our Stars I still had the same character connection and emotion there, it might just be me but I get very attached to book characters, even if its a book I like and not necessary love I still fall in love with the characters.

 I loved the mystery factor to Paper Towns, finding out where Margo went and trying to figure out the clues myself, I'm not going to give anything away for anyone who hasn't read it, but for me I have a love hate relationship with the ending, I hate abrupt endings where we don't find out what happens next as I always want to know and I get so involved with the characters that I want to see what their future is like, but then again, I love the mystery of the ending and being able to make my own ending and as the book has a whole mystery feel, I think that the ending fits the book very well.

One of my favourite parts of the book is the roadtrip they take to find Margo, I love the part that it's broken into hours and you really get a good insight into what the characters are really like and during that part I really started to love the character Lacey, whom at the beginning of the book or where she was first introduced I didn't really warm to her, but I think that it was one of John Greens aims for that to happen, as you find out the real Lacey, just like how Q finds out the real Margo.

Overall I love this book and I'm sure that I will read it again, and I will defiantly be watching the movie that's for sure.

Let me know what you thought of Paper Towns if you have read it and what other books I should read next (they don't have the be John Green, the bigger range of authors the better!)

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New year... New me??

With 2015 now here its got me more than ever thinking about it and all those "new year resolutions" and yes they are all cliche and we hardly ever stick to them (if you did stick to yours this year then well done as I can't even remember what mine even were!) but this year I want it to be different, while setting the normal resolutions I also want to set myself goals of what I want to achieve and I'm just starting a list and the first one the list is pass my driving test and get my driving license as I've just started (on my 6th lesson) I'm hoping this is something that I can achieve, getting a car on the other hand is a different story! I also want to blog more as I really enjoy it and maybe start a schedule but we'll see, as for resolutions I really want to spend more time with my friends and make memories that count, I also want to make new friends (I am really shy so that one might not happen so easily or at all) I want to get more confident and be happy and worry less as I spent most of last year worrying about stupid things that I don't need to worry about. I also want to go out and do more photography.

I want to know if you have any resolutions or goals for 2015 and what they are
Thanks for reading
Byeeee <3

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

November favorites

I know I'm probably a bit know as we are getting deeper and deeper into December but its better late than never. I've never done a favorites before but I love watching favorite videos and finding out new things to try, so here I go.

My first favorite is a book, as I am a massive book worm and I love getting lost into a book and just escaping the world for a while and this book is Life Enternal by Veronica Wood, its the sequel to Dead Beautiful and its such a page turner, but if you are anything like me then you would have to start reading from the first book in the series as I can't stand reading a random book in a series without reading the ones before it, I won't give much away but its about a girl who falls in love with this boy who is undead and in the second book, Life Enternal they try to find a secret that will give them life imortally. But you'll have to read it to find out more.

My next favorite is gingerbread lattes from Costa Coffee, which suprised me as I don't like gingerbread but I really love these and they taste just like winter, but I can only have a small one as even after that I start to feel a bit sick, but they are a nice winter treat for now and then or all the time!

My third favorite is Taylor Swifts new album 1989, even though its been a favorite of mine since it came out, being a swiftie myself I was counting down the days for it being released and I have to say Taylor never disapoints, being use to her country albums its was a adjustment to get use to her new pop album but Taylor does it flawlessly, and as for her Blank Space music video, that might be one of my all time favorite music video she has ever done.

My fourth favorite is of course Mockingjay part one, I have been a fan of the series since the first Hunger Games film came out and after watching it at the cinema and found out it was a book series I had to read the books and I was not disappointed, with the Catching Fire film blowing the first Hunger Games film (which I still dearly love) out of the water, I was super excited to see how Mockingjay part one would turn out and it was amazing, especially as I was a bit skeptical as in the Mockingjay book the first part doesn't have as much action in it as the second half I thought that they did really well and I'm so excited for part 2 even though it will be bitter sweet when it all ends.

And thats all my November favorites, make sure to comment below all your favourites for whatever month you are reading this in, and I will see you in my next post.

Byeeeeee ❤

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Long time no see

Its been nearly a year since I last used this blog, I guess you could say I'm the kind of person who gets into something but never sticks to it, but I'm determined to this time, I've always loved the thought of having a blog and I'm always inspired by all the youtubers and bloggers I follow but the number of blogs I've started and never really done anything with is really bad, I guess you could say that I'm scared to put all my feelings and thoughts out for people to read (thats if anyone is reading) but for me I know its the best way to get all my thoughts out, especially as I'm a worrier, I get anxiety woth lots of things and mild panic attacks but it has been getting better, I also love writing, so at school whenever everyone was moaning as the teacher had set a writing lesson I would secretly be cheering as its what I love, I'm also hoping that this blog will help with my photography as thats what I want to do in life but I never really get out there and do any, I always get sucked in into youtube videos and things on tumblr, I'm now 17 and I'm starting to look at everything I've done in my life and its not that much, and it scares me, what have I done in the 17 years I've been alive that I could be proud of achieving and its not that great, I want to to have done something good with my life and see the world, I want to be someone that atleast one person will remember for a good reason, for the most part of the year I was quite depressed and my anxiety was really bad, one of the reasons would have been because I was in year 11 and I had all these exams which all the teachers made out were the most important things you will do and they were wrong, all those exams will only help me get into a college and its what I achieve there and at university (if I go) which will affect my life, I've also realised now that the relationship I was in then was affecting my life in a bad way, but of course I thought it making my life a whole lot better, after not being in that relationship for a few months I've been happier and not as anxious, anyway I've rambled on enough now and I promise that not all my post will be like this or get this deep, but I felt that I needed to get all of this out.

have a good day and stay positive,
Byeeeee ❤

Monday, 2 December 2013


there are two things that I love about December Christmas and Vlogmas!
If you are unflimar with Vlogmas it's where youtubers vlog/make videos everyday in December!
Of course not everyone celebrates Christmas or is interested in Vlogmas, so I would like to know what you are looking forward to in December!
Of course Christmas is something that I get very excited about! I love spending time with my family and friends and celebrating all together!
I love seeing all the sparkly lights and having hot chocolate while wrapped up in a blanket by the fireplace, of course by watching CHRISTMAS MOVIES! I mean who doesn't like Elf?
This was just a short post to tell you what I'm excited about for December!
Tell me what you are excited for and your fave things to do in december!
<3 byeeeeee <3